Open Awnings

Open Awnings have the cover and roller without all-round protection. This is used mainly for installations of awnings under overhanging roofs or in reveals or can be provided with a cover board to protect the unit when not in use.

Semi Cassette Awnings

In the case of the 'Semi Cassette' awning, fabric and roller  are protected by an encompassing cover board when not in use.

Whilst protected from the elements from above, this awning is not fully enclosed when viewed from the underside.

Full Cassette Awnings

Full Cassette Awnings have all round protection when not in use. The cover and arm mechanism are enclosed in a cassette when retracted. The Full Cassette Awning is perfect for the UK climate when an overhang or recess can not be utilised.

Free Standing Awnings

Free Standing Awning systems are perfect for commercial environments and larger patios or façades where wall mounted installations are not appropriate.

Window Awnings

Window awnings most commonly used on commercial premises but becoming more popular with the larger home, come in a variety of operational styles including vertical, drop arm and roller. There are also custom options available.

Conservatory Awnings

Multiple approaches are possible for varying sizes and shapes. From custom fit exterior or interior awnings fixed to the conservatory frame, or the house wall for roof shading, With options for vertical blinds for window shading.

Side Screens

Even if you are on very good terms with your neighbours, you still want to enjoy your privacy from time to time and freedom from curious looks from others. In commercial environments side screens can separate side by side Patio and Dining areas.

Fitting Solutions

Regardless of the location for your luxury awning we have found solutions for the most problematic fitting situations. Under the parent company, we are the experts that the industry come to when they have an installation problem. You couldn’t be in better hands!

Heating & Lighting

Through the Garden Products department of Crocodilla we have been supplying our clients with the best in Infra Red patio heaters for several years. Our range is extensive, prices vary with areas to be heated and unit protection/durability.